Med Revival on Miami Beach With Fab Interiors Lists for $4.4M




It’s a sign of just how obscene the Miami real estate market is, when a nice but ultimately not particularly outstanding Mediterranean Revival number on Miami Beach attempts to get over four times the price it sold for 11 years ago. Sure, it was done up fabulously inside, although the listing doesn’t quite say if the furniture is included or not. Sure, Miami has become a rich man’s paradise more than ever, and perhaps even on par with the French Riviera. Sure, even at its 2011 price tag of $800,000, it wasn’t exactly affordable housing, but with 5572 Pine Tree Drive asking $4.4 million, well, what do you think, dear reader? What do you think?

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  1. Nice but for $4.4 you can actually buy a real stunner of home on the French Riviera or how about an amazing apartment in Paris!


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