Inside Starchitect Jean Nouvel’s Monad Terrace, Which Just Topped Off in South Beach




Monad Terrace, famed French architect Jean Nouvel’s first project in Miami, has just topped off, and the Big Bubble got a hard hat tour of the boutique luxury condo project’s construction site with architect Kobi Karp, who collaborated with Nouvel on the project. Check it out, below.

Located on West Avenue, in South Beach, Monad Terrace’s 59 residential units will be organized around a central lagoon that opens up to Biscayne Bay. Around the exterior of the two towers, climbing gardens of bougainvillea, Spanish moss, tillandsias, passion vine, and other plants will shield the building from the surrounding world, creating a verdant oasis of greenery and water in the heart of thumping South Beach. The only point where this oasis is exposed to the city will be at lobby level, where an unbroken vista will extend from the porte-cochere, through the double-height lobby space and lagoon courtyard, and out to the bay.

The signature ‘sawtooth facade’ of the lagoon’s inner walls will create what Nouvel has called a ‘reflection machine,’ bringing the shimmering light of Biscayne Bay to the center of the courtyard. The pattern also ensures that every unit has a captivating view of Biscayne Bay. At night the pattern will also make the building glitter, “like a paper lantern or a silver moon” as the project’s website says.

The building will include all the requisite amenities of a luxury tower in Miami, including concierge, a 24-hour lobby attendant, valet parking, and a resident’s lounge. On the roof, a long sun deck will include a 116 foot swimming pool and hot tub overlooking Biscayne Bay. Another infinity-edge pool will be adjacent to the lagoon in the central courtyard. Elevated by 11.5 feet, the project was designed with sea level rise in mind. The units themselves are quite large, ranging from 2000+ square feet two-bedroom units, to 5600+ square foot five-bedroomers.

The vista through the center of the project.
Looking toward Biscayne Bay.
Monad Terrace will consist of two towers. This is the smaller one.
The lobby space.
A larger tower wraps around the lagoon and the smaller tower.
The inner walls of the courtyard are designed to capture bay views from every unit.
Looking down onto the lagoon from an upper floor.
Looking into the lobby from above.
Kobi Karp explains the exterior planter and vertical garden system.
The views onto Biscayne Bay.
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  1. Wow what a fantastic inside scoop. That photo with balcony and overhang really sold the project for me. Thank you for sharing.


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