Icon Brickell's Sky Forest Chopped Down for Emergency Pool Deck Overhaul




The continuing saga of Icon Brickell’s huge leaky pools and structurally questionable amenity deck, both of which are now having an emergency gut job to make just as huge repairs, is getting kind of morbid. Up until just recently, dozens and dozens of flourishing shade trees originally flanked the two pools and a very oversized hot tub, creating a park-sized forest about fifteen stories in the sky.

Not anymore, though, reports a Sean of Miami reader who sent in an ‘after’ photo he took in the last few weeks and a ‘before’photo… from sometime before that. Stumps are still visible from his balcony. Instead of being saved and replanted around the new pool, or even donated to dress up a public park, as many developers are doing these days (Trees from both the Brickell City Centre and Miami Worldcenter sites are now at Museum Park for example) they’re headed to the woodchipper. Heck, they’re probably being sold as mulch in oversized plastic bags by now.img_3074


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