Hot Trashy Mess Of A House in Miami Shores Quickly Lands Multiple Offers




Looking at the listing photos for this house in the heart of Miami Shores, one has a few questions. First, what the heck happened and how did it get this way? The place is an absolute, abandoned wreck. Second, what’s with those jack-o-lanterns in the kitchen? Third, how about that library with improvised bookshelves made of wood planks and cinder blocks? And finally, what happened to those rad comic books and action figures that are littering the aforementioned library? Listed just a few months ago for $650,000, either the price is right, or Shores houses are in such short supply on the real estate market that it already has multiple offers, and it appears one has been accepted, with the sale pending.

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  1. Oh, that makes my heart hurt. Someone spent a long time building their various collections (not that I can relate) only to have some sort of life interruption to just leave it all. Lots of lessons to learn from this one. Thanks for sharing cousin 🙂


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