Historic Downtown Miami Skyscraper, Approved for Almost Complete Demolition, Lists for $21M




The Dade Commonwealth Building, built in Miami’s halcyon 1920s, the year 1927 to be exact, has stood the test of time. Its unique rooftop crenelation, according to historical lore, was due to a hurricane that hit during construction, slicing the building at the eighth floor and causing the builders to just leave it there. Now it’s on the market, according to a listing at Loopnet, for a total of $21 million, with permits approved for its demolition with the exception of the first three stories of the facade.

Since opening, the tower has served as an office building and is currently 83 percent leased according to the listing. Leaving a rather scant remaining facade post- demolition, for history’s sake, what would replace it you ask? Well, the sellers have submitted plans for 163-room hotel at 17 stories in height, approval of which is “expected July 2021.” So, basically now.

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