For $16M, This Bunker-Like Miami Beach Mansion Could Probably Survive the Apocalypse




Completed in 2021, this Hibiscus Island Miami Beach new-build is a 6,746-square-foot big box store of a house that, in the age of Covid, looks like it was built to survive anything. Coming in at a cool $16 million, and built on one of the island’s interior lots, the house has a massive living room-dining room-kitchen-great room thing that soars the full two stories of the structure. It’s also got a double grand staircase, white oak floors, Miele and Wolf appliances, a massive master closet, a just-as-massive master bath, and despite taking up as much of the lot as seemingly possible, a dining room that looks out onto a large rear patio and a moderately-sized backyard pool. Whether or not it actually was built with a “ready for the apocalypse” mentality in mind, the listing text doesn’t actually say.

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