Fantasy Chinese Village House in Coral Gables in Back on the Market




One of Coconut Grove’s historic and exotic Chinese Village houses is back on the market after flipping on and off for the last few years, with a price cut of about $700,000 from its high in 2015. Listed for $1.175 million now, in 2018, the house was on the market for $1.6M back in 2016, and $1.895M in 2015, at the peak of the real estate boom.

All of that won’t sound so bad when you realize that the house is still owned by the people who bought it, in 2014, for $600,000. Sure, they couldn’t flip it a year later for three times the price even during the height of the boom but, to their credit, the house does look fantastic. Designed by architect Henry Killam Murphy a hundred years ago as part of Coral Gables developer George Merrick’s themed Chinese Village, the place is spectacular. It’s like a Chinese fantasy in the middle of Coral Gables.

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