Coral Gables Glass House is a Le Corbusier Dream for $1.78 Million




Listed just over a month ago for $1.78 million, this modernist house in Coral Gables embodies the ‘machine for living,’ minimalist, glass-on-white ethos of high modernism, with a Le Corbusian / Bauhausian aesthetic. Built in 1979, and designed by a “European architect” per the listing, it looks like something that could have just as easily been plucked out of late 1920s Germany.

The house has a multi-level, sunken living room featuring a book loft accessed by a sleek, utilitarian ladder. The sculptural staircase rises three levels, and looks out over the atrium-like living room. Dramatic glass walls with small, delicate panes create a vast grid of green, framing the jungle beyond. A curving, glass tunnel of green winds its way through the jungle to an outer room. There are courtyards and terraces, and a pool.

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  1. Wow; I’m in love! And I can’t believe that this was built on only a 6750 SF lot! Having said that, close to $700/SF??


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