Contemporary Miami Beach House with L-Shaped Pool is Listed for $3.34M




DOMO Architecture, which has designed some creatively swoopy stuff around town, designed this place in mid-beach a couple years ago for Todd Michael Glazer, the prolific developer of big contemporary houses on Miami Beach. Completed in 2016, the foot house has an L-shaped pool, a completely open plan first floor, and four bedrooms upstairs.

As the rich get richer and, well, everyone else doesn’t, regular houses in highly desirable areas such as Miami Beach are being demolished and replaced with massive palazzos that maximize out lots, giving you the most house you can squeeze out of every bit of land. A lot of people have very strong feelings about what’s happening.

Putting aside whether that change is a good or bad thing, and all the high-tempers and drama that comes with Miami Beach real estate in general, it’s happening. The next question is “Is the new house nice? Did the architects and developers do a good job?”

This house, on the market for $3.34 million, is definitely somewhat large, and it fills up most of the site, but at about 3,600 square feet, it’s not huge, as houses go. Without looking into zoning codes too deeply, it does look like this house could have been bigger than what it is. Instead the pool turns the corner of the house, and goes up the side, connecting the front yard to the back through an open breezeway. It’s a nice touch. The open plan could be a good or bad thing, depending on your opinion, and so could the big front windows looking out onto the street.

Well readers, what do you think?

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