Coconut Grove Med Revival on Land Once Owned By Howard Hughes Gets Price Reduction to $15M




Way back in 2012 on Curbed Miami, I wrote about this baronial med revival palazzo located in the gated compound of Hughes Cove, named after one-time owner Howard Hughes, with views looking over a private harbor to Biscayne Bay. The real estate market was emerging from the doldrums of the Great Recession, the house–built in 2003–was listed for $13 million, and things were looking up.

The reality turned out to be a bit different. The house stuck around on the market for a few years, eventually selling in 2015 for $12.8 million, and was re-listed in 2018 for $17 million. Apparently the new owners thought the market was hot enough that they could do better than the people they bought it from. Well, sorry folks. After two years, it still hasn’t sold, the price is down to $15 million, and, unlike back then, the real estate market is pretty damn soft.

It’s a shame really, though, because the house is rather pretty, comes with a nice solid chunk of land, and as previously noted, has some rather picturesque bay views. The 10,000 square foot house at 3310 Devon Court comes with seven bedrooms, seven full baths, four half baths, and some lovely interior spaces. For that kind of money, it’s admittedly not very private, but that’s nothing that a few well placed hedges couldn’t fix.

Check out the photos below for a full tour.

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