The Latest Construction Photos From the Miami Worldcenter Megaproject




Construction at Miami Worldcenter, the second largest urban project under development in the United States, is marching right on toward completion in about 2021 according to the developers. Right now, with over 800 workers on the job site every day, the enormous 27-acre, 10-block, $2 billion multi-use development has two major elements significantly underway, with other portions of the project coming soon.

The Caoba Miami Worldcenter apartments, a 444 unit rental apartment tower on the southwest side of the property and near the future Marriott Miami Worldcenter, will be completed before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Paramount Miami Worldcenter, the flagship of the project, is right behind it, with construction slated to be completed by the first quarter of 2019. The building topped off earlier this year, and 48 floors of the 60-floor luxury condominium tower are already done. Paramount will have 569 units, a long, long list of amenities, including a soccer field, jogging track, tennis courts, recording studio, observatory, dog park, and skyport for flying cars.

The first phase of a massive open-air retail and restaurant complex is under construction at the base of Paramount and projected to be delivered at the end of 2019. Currently, 140,000 square feet is under construction. This is centered around the north-south open-air pedestrian shopping street. Another shopping street will go east-west, passing Caoba.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date on this! Whenever I park in the area to go to the Miami Heat games, I’m always amazed by how much the area has transformed thanks to this development. I just wonder where I will park come 2020 😐

      • My pleasure! Yours is my favorite real estate blog in Miami. I’m constantly sharing your posts with my real-estate literate friends (though I have the habit of checking-in on your site once a week or so and binging on older articles 😉

        I’ve been following your work since your days with Curbed and I enjoy your vast knowledge and…I guess one can call it impartiality towards real estate development. For example, I can’t stand the high-rise obsession of the Next Miami. They couldn’t care less what impact the building has on the community, so long as its T A L L. I guess I sense forethought in your commentary. Any how, keep it up, and I’ll keep reading, commenting and sharing!


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