Check Out the University of Miami’s New Architecture Studio Building, by Arquitectonica




The newest addition to the cluster of buildings that comprise the University of Miami School of Architecture will be unveiled at a ceremony on November 29th. Designed by iconic Miami-based firm Arquitectonica, the new 20,000 square foot architecture studio building is named after Thomas P. Murphy Sr., father of the founder of the construction firm that built the project, Coastal Construction.

The interior of the building is a single, vast open space where students will work and learn in an open and collaborative environment. It is in essence a single, massive shed, with a roof soaring 18 feet above the floor, and few interior columns, leaving uninterrupted open spaces. Outside, the building forms a plaza that links the University of Miami campus to the nearby Metrorail.

“The new studio building creates a focused and innovative environment for students who will be the future designers of our city, and beyond,” said Raymond Fort, the partner in charge of the project.

“It complements the school’s constellation of buildings that constitute a campus-within-the-campus,” said Dean Rodolphe el-Khoury. “The vast studio space designed to enhance co-creation and the digital fabrication lab, among several other features, are welcome additions to our beloved historic and award-winning facilities.”

The building can operate during the day without any artificial lighting. It is positioned to take advantage of the sun, while also protecting from it in Miami’s hottest months. The massive 18-foot glass curtain hurricane windows fill the interior with light, while the concrete roof ‘warps’ over the southern side of the building to protect the interior from the strongest sunlight.

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