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Freebee Shuttles Are Expanding Across South Florida With Public Subsidies. Could Uber be Next?

For the past few years, Freebee Shuttles have operated in the urban centers of Miami, where population is dense enough that advertising revenue from the shuttles can pay for their operation, like Downtown Miami and South Beach, but now Miami-Dade transit is allowing transit dollars to be used to subsidies the expansion of Freebee into cities where there isn't a large enough population to justify trolley service, reports the Miami Herald. And Uber could be next.

Books Y Books Has Opened Its Newest Location at a Strip Mall in Pinecrest

Miami's favorite/biggest/most capitalistic independent bookstore... well, ok, chain of independent bookstores (how many outlets does it take for a bookstore to lose its 'independent' status and become a chain?) is continuing to prosper despite the hard times for brick and mortar bookstores across the world.

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