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Miami-Dade County

The Wolfsonian Puts Up A Small Exhibition on "One of the Most Remarkable Attempts to Reimagine The Modern City."

From the Wolfsonian-FIU: Tony Garnier's Une Cité Industrielle (1904–17) is one of the most remarkable attempts to reimagine the modern city. A prominent French architect, Garnier spent more...

One Thousand Museum – The Full Monty

A friend sent me this photo earlier today and swore me to secrecy as to the source. Basically, this is the late (and great)...

South Beach's Biggest Sex Shop is Now a Mattress Store

Oh, the cruel humanity. Overrun by tourists, and abandoned by many of the artsy, edgy types that once made it cool, some say South...

Brickell Flatiron's Big Concrete Pour is in a Month, With Completion in The First Quarter of 2019

The luxurious Brickell Flatiron had all of us from Miami Condo Investments over for chicken sandwiches and almond pastries today, and to give us a looksie around the project and an update on construction and sales. Construction is happening.

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