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2 Chainz Visits the ‘Most Expensivest’ Retirement Home in Miami

The Palace, in Coral Gables, is one heck of a luxurious retirement home. Costing a cool $13,000 a month to live there, The Palace was featured on Vice Media's 'Most Expensivest.' a show where musical artist 2 Chainz checks out the most balling, most expensive of everything there is.

Absolutely Over-The-Top Mediterranean Revival Penthouse Hits the Market for $7 Million

The penthouse at the top of 600 Coral Way, the Segovia Tower, is something to behold—if not for its beauty, at least for its over-the-top audacity. The amount of faux finish used on the walls alone is something to behold.

Arabic-Inspired Coral Gables House is on the Market for $1.65 Million, And Dripping in Exotic Details

I'm not sure if it's historic or not, but this arabic-inspired courtyard house in Coral Gables is still pretty dang gorgeous.  Located at 5538 San Vincente Street, it's on the market for $1.65 million. They don't build classy, courtyard houses like this that often anymore. The brokerbabble is a little over the top though.

Gigantic Gables Estates Mansion Hits the Market Today for a Whopping $55M

Check out this whopper which hit the market today, listed for $55 million in Gables Estates.

Fantasy Chinese Village House in Coral Gables in Back on the Market

One of Coconut Grove's historic and exotic Chinese Village houses is back on the market after flipping on and off for the last few years, with a price cut of about $700,000 from its high in 2015. Listed for $1.175 million now, in 2018, the house was on the market for $1.6M back in 2016, and $1.895M in 2015, at the peak of the real estate boom.

Weird Capital One Bank/Cafe Mashups are Coming to Lincoln Road and Miracle Mile

Boy, Lincoln Road has really jumped the shark. Look what's coming: Capital One Bank, known for its silly but rather jarringly un-Lincoln Road-ish "What's in Your Wallet?" commercials is apparently opening a cafe on Lincoln Road. Signage with the bank's logo and the word 'cafe' is clearly visible at the construction site.

New Island Gardens Drama; Baywatch World Premiere Coming Up in Miami

Humpy, happy Monday everyone. Here's the news: