DOMO Architecture, which has designed some creatively swoopy stuff around town, designed this place in mid-beach a couple years ago for Todd Michael Glazer, the prolific developer of big contemporary houses on Miami Beach. Completed in 2016, the foot house has an L-shaped pool, a completely open plan first floor, and four bedrooms upstairs.
Back in my early Curbed Miami editor days I noticed that Jackie Gleason's old Miami Beach party house, which, if I remember correctly, was built for him by Carl Fisher, was on the market. A year later it was still on the market. Two years later, in 2015, it was for rent. Now, in 2017, it's on the market, again, and has been for almost a year.
This little jewel box in the form of Art Deco known as the Streamline Moderne style a few blocks south of 41st Street in Miami Beach, hit the market on Friday for $2.5 million. There may be loads of small deco hotels and apartment buildings from the 1930s on the beach, but a pristine single family home is a much rarer fish indeed. The Depression decade wasn't the best time for mansion building.