The latest Miami real estate news:
The Trump-Kushner Klan may be out of the White House, but lordy, when will Miami be rid of them too?
Pandemic numbers are going down, and Miami is gradually coming alive.
This is what's up in the Miami real estate world.
Maybe if the neighbors get lucky, Joan Collins will even come to the housewarming... post-Covid, of course. There's lots more news, below.
A MIAMI SHOUTOUT FROM ELON: When Mayor Suarez tweeted Elon Musk about how awesome it would be for the Boring Company to build high-tech tunnels in Miami, Musk said if Suarez and the Governor wanted it done, "we will do it." Whether the Mayor was just being a bit of a fanboy for the tech genius, who responded like any good entrepreneur, or perhaps this is the beginning of a serious transportation proposal for Miami, is yet to be seen.
There's also some interesting news about a few of the new residential listings, for your real estate news roundup:
Coronavirus can't keep Miami back. And now, the news: