Brickell Flatiron's Big Concrete Pour is in a Month, With Completion in The First Quarter of 2019





The luxurious Brickell Flatiron had all of us from Miami Condo Investments over for chicken sandwiches and almond pastries today, and to give us a looksie around the project and an update on construction and sales. Construction is happening.

They broke ground on the foundations in May and are doing the concrete pour which will cap the foundations and commence vertical construction in a month. The building is 56% sold out, so just about what it was back in May, with the smallest 1-bedroom units available in the $400,000s, for about $700 a square foot. Meanwhile, they are planning on raising prices in September. The penthouses, including two duplex units, have yet to be released to market. “Ugo is hanging on to those for now” said a sales rep, referring to project developer Ugo Colombo.

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