Both Penthouses at the Grovenor (No, Not Grosvenor) House Are Languishing on the Market




Grosvenor is the famous last name of the British Dukes of Westminster, a prominent family in that country that goes all the way back to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Grosvenor House, in London, is a luxury hotel that stands on the former site of the family’s palatial townhouse. In Miami, there’s a condo tower called Grovenor House. It has nothing to do with the family or the hotel, and no, its name isn’t a misspelling. It’s a pun. Developed by CMC Group, is in Coconut Grove. Get it?

Both of the building’s gorgeous penthouses have been on the market… for a while. Listed for a combined $18.72 million, combined they’d still make a pretty sexy spread in the heart of Coconut Grove.

PH 3201, which is owned by Ella Cisneros, the great patron of the arts and founder of the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation in Downtown Miami, has been on the off the market for years. Miss Cisneros bought it when the building was new in 2006 and starting plopping it on the market and taking it off as far back as 2010. Back then she was trying to get $16.9 million (according to public records, she bought it for $5M), and has gradually chipped away at the price. Right now it’s on the market for $9.97 mill. The 7,000 square foot unit was done up with pale, contemporary wood paneling throughout, meant to show off her art collection, and has a stark white kitchen. Upstairs, the 2,700 square foot “zen” roof deck has a hot tub. At one point it was featured in Architectural Digest.

Next door, PH 3202 has also been on and off the market, but only since 2017. The current owners bought it in 2013 for $7 million, lived in it for a while or whatever, obviously did some renovations and upgrades which include a spectacular kitchen, and originally put it on the market for $9.875 million. Like Cisneros’ place, however, it hasn’t gone anywhere, and it’s currently asking $8.75 million. This unit is actually a bit bigger than Ella Cisneros’ place, at 7800 square feet, and apparently the roof deck is a lot bigger too, at over 5,000. The interior is light and airy, and it has that aforementioned great kitchen. The wide-open roof deck is pretty empty, but that could be a good thing for whoever wants to do their thing or move in with their own toys. It’s like a big backyard up there, with a killer view.

PH 3201:

PH 3202 (Below, and top image):

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