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Unrestored Coconut Grove Cottage of Dade County Pine Hits The Market For $1.2 Million

Built-in 1925, this almost-one-hundred-year-old cottage deep in the old-growth hammocks of Coconut Grove, is in impressively original condition considering its age.

Some of Miami’s Uber-Rich Have Special Amazon Rooms at Home; Comparing the Brightline to Flying to Get to Orlando

And other super-fresh real estate and neighborhoods news from across South Florida.

Penthouse That’s Basically a Freestanding Mansion On a Roof For Sale For $5 Million in Miami’s Edgewater

You know that crazy penthouse in India that looks more like a mansion plopped on the roof of a building than an actual penthouse? Well, here's a Miami version.

Brightline Orlando Ridership Numbers Are Out; What’s Up With the Ludlam Trail?

Oh, and a viral Section 8 landlord who made it big on TikTok has moved to Miami. Here's a roundup of the latest South Florida real estate news:

Plush Palace in Ponce-Davis is Covered in Vines and Possibly Vertical Astroturf Too

This great big Spanish Mediterranean palazzo in Miami's Ponce-Davis neighborhood was built in 2007, which isn't all that old for a house really, and much more recently renovated to highly polished, pristine perfection before being put on the market about a week ago.

The Miami Circle Is An Incredibly Popular Dog Park, Of All Things; A Condo Tower at the Art Deco Sagamore

Two headlines that piss off a lot of Miamians, plus lots of other South Florida real estate news to sink your teeth into:

Vintage Postcards of Miami Beach Street Scenes Show the Urban Side of a Vibrant Subtropical Resort Town

A variety of vintage postcards of Miami Beach, found in the Flickr collections of two avid postcard collectors Phillip Pessar and More_Than_Sunshine, show a side of Miami Beach as seen from the sidewalk, the street, or even the curb.

Brightline Officially Launching Orlando Service This Week; Five Miami Galleries Exhibiting at Art Basel Miami Beach

And now, your roundup of the latest South Florida real estate news from around the web:

Morningside’s Historic Laura Cushman House Hits the Market for $6 Million

The historic Morningside house known locally as the home where Laura Cushman, the founder of the nearby private Cushman School, lived just hit the market six days ago for a very nice six million dollars, having last sold way back in 2007 for a comparatively modest two million.