Aston Martin Residences Invites You to… [Checks Notes]… Oh Wait. No




So, you’ve gotten your vaccine and you’re READY. TO. HIT. THE. TOWN. and go to one of those fabulous real estate parties that seem like such distant pre-pandemic memories?

Ah, mi amore, remember launch parties? Grand openings? Well, that shimmering hunk of metal and glass and concrete being built at the mouth of the Miami River, Aston Martin Residences, is inviting you to a digital gallery opening. Yes, another freaking digital experience. Like we’ve all got the plague or something? Ok, I get it, many people had the current plague, and it’s still wreaking havoc, but that’s what the vaccine is for, n’est pas? You just gotta get your cute little vaccine card laminated, carry it around with you, and you can go to real life parties? Oh, wait, no? According to the Gov you can’t? I god-darn freaking give up. Thanks Desantis! The bar is closed.

Anywho, here’s the press release of what Aston Martin’s got goin’ on, online:


Luxury residential development in Miami celebrates Love of Art with a debut virtual exhibition by the acclaimed photographer

Miami, FL The Aston Martin Residences Miami is creating a permanent art gallery on the 52nd floor of the luxury tower, which is due for completion at the end of next year. The Art Gallery celebrates a love of beauty and an appreciation of art in all forms, values shared by developer G&G Business Developments and its partner Aston Martin.

Ahead of its completion, the Aston Martin Residences’ Art Gallery is launching virtually and will showcase a renowned artist online every two months. To launch the virtual gallery, a 3D immersive experience, the Aston Martin Residences has partnered with British artist and acclaimed photographer, Julian Lennon, to present an exclusive exhibition of hand-picked images from his personal collections. The virtual Art Gallery and inaugural exhibit, titled “Vision,” can now be seen by visiting [ direct URL: ].

Germán Coto, CEO of G&G Business Developments, said: ‘Art and design are woven into the soul of the Aston Martin Residences. Every decision we make is born from an intrinsic love of beauty and meticulous attention to detail. We imagine residents will fill their homes with beautiful artworks, and we’re creating the Art Gallery to offer a secluded and exclusive space for our owners to immerse themselves in an ever-changing canvas of contemporary art. We’ll present works from established artists and emerging talents that make our hearts beat faster, and we hope the Art Gallery will inspire residents in their daily lives.’

‘We’re 70% sold, and we know that our residents appreciate art. It’s this love of art together with a desire for the highest quality finishes, light-filled spaces, and of course, the stunning waterside location that has attracted clients to the Aston Martin Residences Miami.’

For Lennon, capturing moments through photography is an intimate experience.

‘I aim, through my photography, to grant the viewer intimate access to the lives and locations of my subjects, as well as insight into my own personal journey,” he said “In a city as vibrant and diverse as Miami, I invite the residents to draw a relationship to their own lives in these images, and to take part in my mission to unite us through empathy in the lives of others.’

Julian Lennon’s fine art photography exhibition, “Vision,” the first to be presented by the Aston Martin Residences’ Art Gallery, can now be seen virtually, ahead of the physical opening in 2022. Visit to view the photography exhibit.

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