Amidst Allegations of MLS Manipulation, The Jills List Two Huge Units at Regalia




The Jills, a star broker duo, is facing serious allegations of manipulating the MLS to inflate their performance, an act which adversely affects everything from home appraisal amounts, mortgages, and market-wide data. It can have far-reaching effects for the entire industry. They’ve blamed an employee, saying they were unaware of it happening, but were removed from the elite Master Brokers Forum anyway.

Yet, the Jills continue to get high priced listings. One, an avant-garde mansion on Indian Creek, is listed for $25.75 million. And two of their latest are a huge, three-story penthouse at the top of Regalia Sunny Isles Beach, as well as a two story ‘beach house’ at the bottom of it, both with private pools. See below for more on the Regalia units.

Spanning the entire third and fourth floors of Regalia, the beach house contains six bedrooms, six baths, and two half baths. A 6,500 square foot terrace wrapping around the entire building at tree level provides views out to the ocean, over the city, and straight into a glass-walled pool. The unit itself is 10,515 square feet and listed for $22.5 million.

Meanwhile, at the top of the building, PH-43 is a whopping three stories and 10,755 square feet of living area. It has an identical 6 bedroom, 6 bath, and 2 half bath count. On the third floor is a rooftop pool with killer views in every direction. It’s listed for $29.5 million.

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