Adorable Little Turquoise & Pink Key Largo Cottage Lists for $437,000




This absolutely heart melting little charmer of a cottage in Key Largo just hit the market for $437,000. Located on a landlocked lot that’s small, but big enough for a groovy Astroturf back yard complete with chikee hut, the midcentury cottage has obviously been lovingly taken care of by its current owners, complete with neon turquoise paint job, with hot pink trim.

The Florida Keys may seem disarmingly laid back and unpretentious, but on this island chain where mobile home park plots can go for $300,000 and up, the price isn’t exactly all that surprising. Is it because the value is in the land? Well, not entirely. That price tag exists because it’s a nice little piece of land, with a perfectly good house – albeit an 800ish square foot, two bedroom, one bath house – already on it. As the Florida Keys runs out of capacity for new development, that means you won’t have to fight over one of the last few building permits ever issued in the Florida Keys to build your mini-mansion. Heck, considering that back in 2019 one computer model said that the keys could handle only 3,500 new building permits, and in 2023, only two years from now, all new construction on the keys could stop according to law, you probably wouldn’t even get that mini-mansion permit anyways.

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