A Drop-Dead Spectacular South Beach Art Deco Villa Sold Earlier This Year For $7 Million




They say a kitchen renovation can test any marriage, but apparently not for a former Detroit automotive CEO and his interior designer partner.

Michael Chetcuti and Kyle Evans (of Kyle Evans Design, because of course he has his own firm) spent six years turning what was left of a historic Streamline Moderne Art Deco house in South Beach’s Flamingo Park neighborhood (and not much was left, seriously) into a house so spectacular that their neighbors must just hate their guts. From jealousy. The duo only lived in the completed house for a couple of years before apparently getting bored, plopping it back on the market in March, and selling it in two months for a cool seven million dollars, because, as they casually told the Miami Herald, “we love a good project.” Oy vey. Well, at least It’ll be exciting to see what kind of architectural fantasia they whip up next.

Oh, and it got a write-up in the Wall Street Journal, because of course it did.

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