Check out this fabulous, early midcentury modern house designed as the personal residence of Jerome Schilling, an associate to one of Miami’s most interesting and innovative tropical modernist architects, Igor Polevitzky. (Yes, Miami had innovative architecture long before Zaha Hadid’s “Scorpion Tower!”)

The house, considered a “tropotype” house for Polevitzky’s innovations in indoor-outdoor living, was built in 1949, and incorporates an advanced 2-story screened breezeway, creating passive cooling through sliding glass wall panels. Located in Miami Shores, the house expresses an architectural mastery of modernist living in the subtropics, as Miami boomed, but just before air-conditioning was becoming widespread. But don’t worry your sweaty toes, because the house has been thoroughly restored and sensitively updated, with multi-zone AC built in. The house is listed for $899,000.