Frank Lloyd Wright Thought Miami’s Architecture Was “Horrible.”

Frank Lloyd Wright, probably the most important American architect ever, did not like Miami. He visited in 1955 and thought the natural environment was beautiful, but he was not afraid to share is opinions about the buildings that occupied it.

Speaking at a luncheon sponsored by the Fashion Group of Miami, Wright said Miami homes were “things a pig would be ashamed to live in, if pigs could talk. About Miami’s grand hotels, he said “you can’t tell if they’re hotels, office buildings or something that belongs in a cemetery. Why can’t you citizens of Miami produce something all of your own?”

Of course by then we had produced original architecture of our own, including the work of Alfred Browning Parker and the subtropical modern architects, and Morris Lapidus and the other MiMo architects.

Parker, an undoubtedly excellent architect, was one of the few architects whose work Wright openly praised. He recommended Parker to become a fellow of the American Institute of Architects in 1959.

But Parker’s work shares a lot of similarities with Wright’s. Lapidus’ work is very different, and Wright said his most magnum opus, the Fontainebleau Hotel, was “worse than an anthill.”

WTVJ reporter Keith Leslie interviewed Wright on the day of the luncheon and the architect wasn’t afraid to elaborate. “Well I don’t regard Miami as a city,” he said. “There’s a straight line on the waterfront, and the realtors have divided them up into little squares. On them are little houses and everybody seems to be in a little cubicle of some sort. Miami is such a beautiful place, no one seems to have taken much advantage of it. The Realtor has been here working. I think that’s the trouble with Miami. Throw out the Realtor and take the land over. Why not?”

In a word, he thought Miami’s architecture was “horrible.”

Gee, Thanks Frank.

[Head photo is Frank Lloyd Wright looking at a photo of the Fontainebleau Hotel]


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  1. Seth H. Bramson

    Interesting commentary. I wonder what Mr. Wright might say today. Remember, besides Lapidus there were other great architects here, among them Igor Polevitzky, Henry Hohauser, the inimitable Robert Swedroe and others.

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