Brand New Georgian Townhouse in Coral Gables is Asking a Grand $2.39 Million


In Miami, townhouses used to be considered a little, well, bleh. Why have a narrow, skinny thing, when you can spread out with a big, circular driveway, and a lagoon style pool? Well, things change, and there are a lot of very nice townhouses around Miami, like this fabulous, three-story number that feels straight out of… London. It has four bedrooms, five baths, and a roomy 3,781 square feet. Oh, and it’s on the end of a block of new equally new townhouses, so you’ve got views in three directions. Naff? Nahhhh. This joint’s classy.


  1. Beautiful all around, but no interior wood cased openings? At this price, that is a corner that should not have been cut.

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