176-Year-Old Key West House Is So Perfect It Could Have Been Built Yesterday




Built in 1845, this classic conch house in the heart of old Key West has been through a lot. Apparently owned by one of Key West’s founding families, the house is built with Dade County Pine, which can still be seen in the stair hall, living room, and master bedroom, has bright green shutters opening out to the front verandah, and is surrounded by a white picket fence. It’s also got a freeform pool, and an interior decor job that is just so Martha-Stewart-comes-to-Key-West perfect it’s insane.

That’s not to say the interior decor is by Martha. The listing doesn’t say. It also doesn’t explicitly say it comes furnished. But considering how the description just goes on and on about how perfectly perfect it is, and how perfectly furnished it is, one would be shocked to buy it and show up to an empty shell of a home. I mean talk about flowery prose:

“The decor is alternately majestic (with statement furniture like an oversized desk; king-size four-poster beds, and oversized cabinets brimming with enough glassware and china for a banquet) and girlishly playful, with toile, ruffles, valances, pompoms, pillows, and joyful combinations of candy-colored patterns everywhere the eye lands. It’s a house filled with abundance and exuberance, waiting to welcome the entire, extended family and their friends.”

After all that. how much would you say this 4,373 square foot number, with lush landscaping and a guest cottage is on the market for? $6,999,000. That’s how much.

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